calibration solutions
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Onsite Calibration

We provide onsite calibration service in all 13 state in Malaysia , South East Asia and China.
Onsite Calibration: Pyrometro Calibration Lab's fleet of fully-equipped service teams offer you the advantage of onsite calibration. This minimizes downtime and eliminates possible transport damage. The Pyrometro Calibration Lab onsite calibration team can be scheduled at your convenience, work is performed with minimal disruption and certificate will provided after completion of job. Many customers have the misconception that onsite calibration service will cost more than regular "ship-in" service. Truth is that the avoidance of time consuming, packaging and freight cost offset the cost of traveling to your location. We provide comprehensive price quotes without any hidden charges or fees for onsite calibration anywhere in Malaysia.

Choose Onsite Calibration Services when you need to :
  • Maintain ultra quick turnaround time
  • Minimize the risk of shipping delicate and costly instruments
  • Reduce the cost of your calibration program
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Pick-Up & Return Calibration

High quality door to door service without additional cost
Our Pick-Up & Return Calibration offering provides high quality door to door service from any of our  4 location around Malaysia. Choose Pick-Up and Return Service when you need to : Prompt, reliable calibration services.
  • Obtain consistent, expert accredited calibration service backed by Pyrometro calibration lab.
  • Calibrate items thant calibration and certificate status.
  • Quickly access equipments.
Pick-Up & Return Calibration Service Highlights
  • Fast Turnaround
    Most calibration take five days or less. Need it faster?
    Our consultants can help set-up the exact level of service you require.

  • Online Tracking
    Use our PYROAPP system. This tool allows our clients to manage their calibration needs online. Search, view and print certifications, check item status by department, location or owner, or just follow your instrument through the calibration process in our labs

value added services
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Measurement Services

High-Quality measuring services by the Experts
Measurement Services : Pyrometro provides comprehensive samples measurement services in Plastic Industries, Engineering Industries by using high precision Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to fulfill customer requirement.

Choose our Measurement Services when you need :
  • Fast samples turnaround
  • Third party proved result to convince your customer
  • Comparison
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Repair Services

High-Quality Repair Services by the Experts
Repair Service : Pyrometro provides comprehensive equipment repair services in conjunction with calibration. Repair services are available at any branches in Malaysia; with this offerings, you can save time, save money and increase productivity by combining equipment repair along with the certification process.

Choose our Repair Service when you need :
  • Fast equipment turnaround
  • Single-source for multi-vendor equipment repair and calibration
  • Recertification and inspection available with all repairs

brands supported

Pyrometro has relationships with over 100 manufactures of test equipment. These leveraged relationships combined with our expertise enables us to provide excellent  services to our value customers.

Pyrometro supports a broad range of brands which includes Mitutoyo, Fluke, Yokogawa,

  • Elcometer
  • Mahr
  • Tektronix
  • Anritsu
  • etc....
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